Ghostbusters pocket review

So that was Ghostbusters and,  overall,  I liked it. I sat there with a goofy grin for most of the film enjoying myself. 

It’s not as good as the original which has nostalgia value as well as originality and that cast to help it. The story is very similar to what I remember of Ghostbusters 2, and is weak and a bit meh.

However the four leading ladies are all excellent and,  though the comedy falls flat in places,  the four have a charm and warmth to them that I fell for. When the big dumb scene that has to end a summer blockbuster comes around it’s a clanger because it eschews the character focus that the rest of the film hung on. We enjoyed spending time with these people and for the last 20 minutes we were denied that. 

There are flaws,  characters come and go with no pay off, Slimer is over used, and the ending appears to have been mercilessly chopped about. Ultimately though, this is a fun movie, that will thrill a new generation of kids, and provides a solid foundation for any further sequels that may come along. 

Notice nothing about the character’s genders… Funny that. 

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